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False Celing!

A building is complete without a sturdy roof, and beautiful home interiors are incomplete without a perfect ceiling. To give an elegant finish to your living-room, a living room false ceiling is a superb option. A false ceiling is a fitted ceiling that hangs below the original ceiling of a room or entire home. You can easily make the changes in your place by using different materials like wood or metal frames. We at GharBari, always ready to provide the best superb services and design options to clients. An edge over the traditional ceiling, false gypsum ceiling helps to beautify the room in elegant designs and aid in concealing wires, insulates the space, deliver fire safety and energy efficiency, and have moisture and sag resistance properties.

Before diving into designs, it’s high-quality to set a base of what it is, who it’s for and what it’s professionals and cons are.

Our professionals always offer complete minutiae to clients because selecting the composition for the ceiling is significant because it is based on the location. A living room and a toilet cannot have similar material as the bathroom will be humid and not in the living room. Similarly, the kitchen ceiling is also not the same as the heat, smoke, and dampness involved. In short, a false ceiling design offers the most extensive unobstructed view of a room, and it is the first thing people notice.

False Ceiling in Kolkata

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